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Orna Fathers

Meet Orna Fathers, an accomplished and award-winning interior designer with a rich educational background spanning Europe, Australia, and the US. Her unique blend of experience has cultivated a distinctive style, allowing her to craft both beautiful and functional spaces tailored to her clients' needs through the art of Interior Design & Home Organizing.

She has been featured multiple times in the Detroit Design Magazine for projects in Northville and Detroit. 

- Living Their Best Life

- Holiday Home, Detroit-Style

Orna is also a writer for Detroit Mom Blog and has written helpful home and lifestyle focused content for local Moms! It is her goal in her work and writing to encourage others to create homes of beauty and peace and give themselves lots of grace along the way!


Meet the Team


Debbie Meagher - Professional Organizer

Orna Fathers - Owner, Principal Interior Designer & Professional Organizer 

Ingrid Frankovics - Professional Organizer & Interior Photographer  

Sarah Batson - Interior Designer

Sheri OhlyInterior Designer, Landscape Designer, & Professional Organizer 

Shannon Dyer - Design Assistant 

Kari Chavey - Lead Organizer and Stylist

Nancy Be - Professional Organizer

Casey Sorenson - Professional Organizer and Writer 

Lisa Douglas - Lead Organizer

Our team of organizers and designers are passionate about listening to our client's needs & bringing their vision to life.

Our Mission & Vision

Planet Boy's Bedroom design - Grace This


Our mission is to make our client’s lives better by creating beautiful home environments that are efficient and functional for each client’s unique needs and lifestyle. We are aware that for every client we help, there are many who are without homes. It is our mission to be involved in making a difference.



The fact that you’ve found your way here shows that you care about where your money goes, we are excited to share our journey with you. At Grace This Space Interiors we are trying to create positive change for people in need of families and homes and raise as much awareness in the process. We are intentional about supporting organizations that align with our values and about donating to organizations who care for the abused, homeless, disadvantaged and abandoned in our area. 

Small Closet transformation - after - Gr

                                 GIVING BACK 


We have pledged to contribute at least 10% of profits to partner with organizations that alleviate poverty and work to provide families, homes and necessities for those who need it most. We believe that safe, affordable housing and supportive programs improve the lives of individuals and transforms families and neighborhoods. We also give back by donating services to organizations that align with our vision for a better world. 


Our clients give back too! As we redesign your spaces, go through the process of organized spaces or help you move, we help donate your unwanted furniture, clothes and home items to organizations around Detroit to get them in the hands of those who need it most. 


We love these organizations:


Cass Community Tiny Homes Detroit


Furniture Bank of South Eastern Michigan


Community clothes Closet


Detroit Rescue Mission


Grace Centers of Hope

Humble Design               




We love helping our clients create homes that are reducing waste, recycling and conserving energy. We use a combination of creating eco-friendly systems and routines, green storage options and room designs. 

We take great care in finding the best way to rehouse discarded items to keep as much out of landfill as possible and make sure they go to people who need them. 


At Grace This Space, we’re constantly taking steps to improve our own and our client’s processes and routines so we can to help every family operate as sustainably as possible, and in doing so help others to tread a little lighter too. Living an authentic life isn’t just a singular decision, but hundreds of choices that add up to make a difference.

Sofa with Throw and plant - Grace This S
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