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"I couldn't have decorated and organised my house without Orna! She was a lifesaver! It's something I find so difficult but with her it was a breeze! She made it so easy, helping me find my inspiration for each space and make decisions too so that the space was truly mine and everything I love! I couldn't recommend Orna highly enough!" Novi, Michigan

"I love the plan designed for my nursery! I have purchased all her recommended items and I am excited putting them all together ready for my baby!" Melbourne, Australia

"I wish I had hired Orna sooner! Our playroom had been a major source of stress. It's now a beautiful space that works so perfectly for what we need right now. In short, I LOVE it. 

Orna took into account the way my kids used the space and then planned the room design accordingly. My daughter commented on how much easier it is to clean up in there. (She really said that.) Win-win! 

The décor style goes so well with the style of the rest of our house, but it's appropriately tailored for a playroom. I thought that was very cool the way she figured that out. Orna has a great knack for creating an all-round aesthetically pleasing space.

Orna is also just fun to work with! She was patient, she had great ideas when I wasn't sure what direction to go in, and she was flexible in working within our budget. I had struggled with an overall vision for the room, but we all absolutely love her creation (so does my picky husband!)" Plymouth, MI

"Orna has made my life so much easier with the work she has done on my closet! She helped me figure out how to store my clothes and I have so much more room in my closet with just changing these simple things. Not only does Orna have amazing ideas and talent for all things organization, she is a wonderful person to work with, who will spend quality time with you, and she makes sure you have all of your needs met and more. I can’t thank you enough, Orna!" Livonia, MI 

"Orna is an absolutely AMAZING designer! She is so creative, she designed the most incredible bedroom for my son! I highly recommend her!" Northville, MI

"My pantry has been completely transformed and my life made so much easier! Before, my pantry was a complete disaster. I couldn’t even see a lot of my food because it was squished and hidden under more food. Now that Orna has come, she has totally transformed my pantry into a functional, easily accessible space! I also can finally see everything in my pantry when I open the door, which makes me not over buy at the store! Amazing work, thank you Orna!" Livonia, MI 

"I was overwhelmed with moving home and unpacking in my new space. Orna was amazing! She set up organizational systems and helped me arrange my furniture and wall decor. I would still have boxes and un hung pictures if she hadn't helped!" Commerce, Michigan

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