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Prepping Your Home for a Distance Learning School Year

Do you remember as a kid the days of shopping for school supplies? I don’t know about you, but I always loved picking out new folders & notebooks. In the days leading up to my first day of school I would organize my supplies over and over again to make sure everything was just right.

Today things look very different as some schools are returning virtually this year. If images of your kitchen countertop being piled high with paper and clutter are running through your head, you are not alone! The good news is that with a little creativity and organization, we can all begin this new school year smoothly.

Here are 4 tips on how to create a distance learning space in your home.

1. Create a home for supplies

While the space where your child learns each day will be different for each household, it is important to designate a space for school supplies. A closet that’s nearby your school area with a few empty shelves or even an old dresser are great options. We love using drawer organizers to keep things contained.

The key is to make things easily accessible for your child(ren). For many of my clients I have loved using a rolling cart. They’re great for small spaces or if you find yourself in need of a place to keep supplies. This way everything is within reach, but it can also be tucked away and out of sight when not in use.

2. Keep due dates & tasks visible

Kids love visuals. I recommend using a dry erase wall calendar to help you keep track of all the important dates as well as daily tasks. Place the dry erase board near your child’s work area and use it to lay out their tasks and/or schedule for the week.

This visual tool will be a helpful reminder to keep your child on task and to know what’s expected throughout the day. You can even encourage them to check off their tasks as they complete them with colored markers. I promise, they will be so much more motivated to get stuff done!

3. Add a file system for storing work that is completed and in progress

If you have young children, I recommend a bin or even a tray like this that you can add their name to so they have a great visual of where their papers belong. If your kids are a bit older, a binder is a great way to stay organized. They’ll most likely have more classes which means more papers, so this is a neat and tidy way to store everything, and prevent items from getting lost.

4. Create and maintain a schedule

Without the same need to get ready for a normal school day, and with everyone, or most everyone, being home all at once, it’s easy to let what used to be ‘normal routines’ slip away. Come up with a routine and stick to it, including a time for going to bed, getting up in the morning, meals, and so on. The daily routine doesn’t have to be the same as it was during the pre-pandemic school year, but it should be regular.

Of course, be sure to show yourself, and your kids some grace as transitions can be difficult at first. But don’t give up! Take lots of breaks during the day, and get those kiddos outside to burn some energy and get some fresh air.

Remember, we are all going through this together and you are not alone. This whole virtual learning thing is going to have it’s ups and downs, but with all new things, we will navigate as best we can with a positive outlook.

If you and your family need help creating a virtual learning space for your kids this school year we would love to assist you! School is approaching quickly, and it’s never wrong to ask for a helping hand. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!


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