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10 Steps to an Organized Closet

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Summer is a great time of year to review your closet and simplify it before getting busy with vacation plans, and children's activities!

A great way to keep clutter from overtaking your space is to rotate your wardrobe with each season. This way, you’ll have more closet real estate for the items you’ll actually wear during a given part of the year, which makes putting together an outfit much easier.

To make the transition and keep your closet organized, follow these 10 simple steps!

  1. Start with pulling all items out of the closet. This might be daunting but trust me when you put back only the things you love it will be worth it!

  2. Purge: put aside to donate anything you wouldn’t buy today (anything that you don’t wear, don’t like or doesn’t fit). This will free up a lot of valuable space and ensure you are only wearing the things you love.

  3. Get Matching Hangers. It is a small investment for a big impact. This simple trick makes your closet look more boutique. Splurge on wood hangers, or huggable velvet hangers, or even high-quality plastic that are the same color. This helps your eye be less distracted by the colorful selection of hangers and focus on your beautiful clothes (because you purged all the ones that weren’t in step 2!)

  4. Hang clothes by type, color and length. Each type of shirt can be kept together by category and then arranged within the category by color. #ROYGBIV

  5. Do seasonal rotations. If you have a small closet, store off season clothes in another location and rotate as seasons dictate. Again, this frees up a lot of valuable real estate in your closet and allows you to see each peice with ease.

  6. Empty Hangers. Create a space for empty hangers, making them easy to grab when hanging the freshly laundered items, and keeps the rails neat.

  7. File fold all clothing in drawers, baskets or bins to maximize space, optimize viewing the items and keep them neat.

  8. Label any baskets or bins used. This adds to the boutique look, and will help you locate the items you need, plus prevent things from becoming misplaced! 

  9. Maintain. Make it a point to maintain your closet organization by tidying up for a few minutes at the end of each week.

  10. Enjoy your new closet and the extra time you have as you get ready in the morning since you can easily see all the clothes you love, and want to wear!

Need help getting your closet organized? Let our expert team of organizers help! Click here to learn more about how we can assist you. Don't forget to contact us for your free consultation.

10 steps for an organized closet


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