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Cut Toy Clutter this Christmas

Kids bedrooms and playrooms easily fill up with toys, collections and creations! Christmas and birthday gifts each year contribute to this multiplying abundance. Unless we teach our children how to control their possessions, it will become overwhelming and uncontrollable.

It is so important to teach children the process of intentionality, intentionally keeping what is being used, what they enjoy and what they need. They can also learn how to discard their unwanted items; whether they want to donate, give to a friend or recycle/trash. This will empower them going forward in their lives to be intentional. They will take the skill of evaluating their possessions into adulthood, help them to avoid living with excess clutter and overwhelm!

‘Santa’s Christmas Sack’ by Michigan author Rebecca Raschke can help your family create a sweet Christmas tradition of collecting old, unused toys and leaving them in a special sack for Santa to restore and give away. It is a great way to encouraging generosity as well as teaching the importance of being intentional about what toys they choose to keep.

The sweet illustrations show how each child can help Santa by filling a sack with their unwanted or broken toys and leaving it out for Santa. The book reminds us how the we received, that first Christmas, the best gift of all, the precise of God, his love and forgiveness. You can grab your copy of the book and a Santa sack with free shipping from Rebecca’s Facebook Page or her Etsy store.


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