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Just Donate it!

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

During the organizing process, we talk about what items you want to keep. Once you have decided what you don’t need to keep, it is important to just get it out!

We all have reasons to keep things we no longer need or want around. “I’ll give that to my friend”, “I might read it one day”, “It was a gift” or “I’ll sell it”... But let me encourage you to just donate it!

You don’t need permission from the gift giver, you don’t need to justify the money that you spent on the item, you don’t need to pressure yourself to finish another task - choose your favorite charity and just donate it! You will appreciate the space and feel a lot lighter as soon as its gone!

Benefits of Donating:

1. You get immediate satisfaction of a clear space,

2. It won’t find its way back into your home to need attention again,

3. Save yourself the time of taking the multiple other steps involved it selling it, and

4. You can bless someone who really needs it!

If you need help with making those hard decisions contact us for a decluttering session- Go ahead and donate it!


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